WTS C2 Pulsar with HS/C3 statics

No active towers or astrahus are in system. 11 Planets 4 Barren, 4 Temperate, 1 Plasma, and 2 Gas. POCOs are owned by the old residents that are inactive. Send a message in-game or leave a response here if interested.

Whoops, forgot to price it. 300 mil.

Still selling, price is negotiable. Hole is good for PVE and pretending you’re a PVP corp ;).

Hole still available

Send infos in PM.

Name of WH.
Do u have any struture to transfer in this hole?

Hole is occupied. Didn’t remember to edit the post when I found someone else had moved in. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Np… any hole that u find that’s C1/C2 with LS.
PM me with infos :slight_smile:

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