WTS C1/hisec with citadel and caps


(Smart Sister) #1

Selling what was a very good home for a small corp.

no anomalies

decent pi ( 6 planets, lava + gas + barren ). POCOs owned by a corp that charges 2% tax and can provide assistance against aggression

a few dead sticks, inactive for years

fitted astrahus
rigs : missile precision I, energy neut economy I, scan resolution I
high : guided bomb launcher, 2 x ASML missile launchers, energy neut XL
medium : stasis webifier, target painter, sensor dampener, warp scrambler
low : 2 x ballistic control, missile guidance enhancer
ammo ( assorted missiles and bombs ) worth 800 mil
fighters ( 5 squadrons ) worth 140 mil

thanatos ( no fit )

chimera ( no fit )

J# will be provided to buyer before transaction

price : 6 bil isk

(Smart Sister) #2


(Smart Sister) #3


(Smart Sister) #4


(Smart Sister) #5


(Smart Sister) #6


(system) #7

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