WTS C1 with Athanor

I have anchored Athanor in C1 with HS static for sale.

The refinery has the following rigs and modules onlined:
Standup M-Set Composite Reactor Material Efficiency I
Standup M-Set Composite Reactor Time Efficiency I
Standup Composite Reactor I

C1 is ready to move in and comes with 8 POCOs in the same holding corp as the structure and it’s “clean” (no other structures, abandoned POS or POCOs from other corps)
Planets: Lava, 3x Barren, 2x Storm, 4x Gas


Will sell it for 3.3bil

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Please can you explain why there is 64 of PI P4 elements in the appraisal, i did not understand that.

Hi Houari,
In order to upgrade Customs Office Gantry into regular POCO you need 8x of the following per gantry:
Broadcast Node
Wetware Mainframe
Self-harmonizing Power Core
Recursive Computing Module

You can check that in game on “Upgrade requirements” tab of Customs Office Gantry item page.
I’ve deployed 8 POCOs , hence 64 of each total.

BTW. The offer is still valid and I forgot to mention the hole has no effects…

still for sale

still available

price lowered to 3bil

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