WTS C2 Black Hole (HS/C3 Static) w/ Astrahaus

(Siex) #1

Looking to sell C2 (HS/C3 Static). Good for making money running c3 sites. I no longer have use for the wh so it comes with my old Astrahaus Asking 1.5b ISK


I also include a rolling mega and apoc

(The Voice) #2

If you are looking for a broker service let me know: [Service] Third Party Wormhole Broker

(Siex) #3

bump… looking for fast sale, want to move on to other things

(Siex) #4

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Astrahaus w/fuel
2 rolling BS’s
C2 (HS\C3 static)

(Nicolas Kion) #5


(Syndra en Tilavine) #6

Id like to purchase

(Siex) #7

replied in game