WTS C2 C2/LS (Black Hole) Wormhole

If you like to go fast and shoot missiles, this might be the system for you.


  • C2 w/ C2 & LS Statics
  • Black Hole Effect
  • 11 Planets (Lava / Storm / Barren / Gas); 52 Moons
  • ~20 AU Wide
  • 4 Deadsticks

Sale includes:

  • An anchored Astrahus; (fuel & fittings are negotiable)
  • 7 POCOs (Planets I to VI & Planet XI)

Bidding will start at 1.5b isk.
There is 3b isk buyout (includes fittings & fuel).
Offers not topped within 48 hours will be accepted.

C2 Black Hole Effects:

  • +22% Missile Velocity
  • +44% Missile Explosion Velocity
  • +44% Ship Velocity
  • +44% Targeting Range
  • -22% webifier strength
  • +22% inertia

Still for sale!

Still for sale!

Still for sale!

Still for sale?

The Astrahus is now decommissioned but I am accepting offers on the location & 7 POCOs mentioned.

Mail me

Is this WH still for sale?

Sent you both PMs, the entrance to the system & 7 POCOs are still for sale. The Astrahus has been decommissioned.

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