WTS - C2 WH w/ Null/C5 Static

Looking to sell a C2 wormhole, w/ Null/C5 static and an anchored Astrahus. WH is cleared, with anchored POCO’s with a 0% tax rate, owned by a unknown 3rd party corp.

Starting bids at 3.5 billion.

[Astrahus, Astrahus]
Standup Ballistic Control System I
Standup Ballistic Control System I
Standup Missile Guidance Enhancer I
Standup Focused Warp Disruptor I
Standup Stasis Webifier I
Standup Variable Spectrum ECM I
Standup Target Painter I
Standup Guided Bomb Launcher I
Standup Heavy Energy Neutralizer I
Standup Multirole Missile Launcher I
Standup Multirole Missile Launcher I
Standup M-Set Electronic Warfare Economy I
Standup M-Set Energy Neutralizer Economy I
Standup M-Set Missile Precision I
Standup Cloning Center I
Standup Radar ECM Script x1
Standup Focused Warp Scrambling Script x1
Standup Cruise Missile x2000
Standup Heavy Missile x2000
Standup Light Missile x2000
Standup Heavy Guided Bomb x50
Standup Light Guided Bomb x50
Standup Gravimetric ECM Script x1
Standup Ladar ECM Script x1
Standup Magnetometric ECM Script x1
Standup Firbolg I x30

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im interested. What is the j-sig?

Has it been sold if not hit me up on discord Golf#0716

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