WTS C3 Black Hole static NS

Want to sell my C3 Black Hole with static Null Sec: http://anoik.is/systems/J135406
Perfect for a small corp or solo players.
For 1.5 Billion Isk you get:
Astrahus with as much fuel as it has left
1 Rolling BS + 1 Rolling Cruiser
All Pocos at all planets in the system.

Mail me ingame.


push it

Push it

Push it

Push it

Jump it

Push it

which bs and hic?
also how is the astra fit?

Sorry for delayed answer.
The Astrahus has some fighters T1 and a cloning Bay
Rolling ships are a mega and an exe
Still interested?

is it still available now?

Still for sale

ill buy right now contact me in game

Still for sale or already sold?

It is sold

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