WTS: C3 (HS Static) - Wormhole

C3 - Highsec static

Price: 1.4bil


it is a clean wormhole without any citadels or forcefields.
With very good options for doing PI (up to T4). Plus you are also able to produce fuel-blocks inside.

Additional system Information:
J-Code: J115502
System Effect: none
Planets: 8
Moons: 7
Customs Office: 8

Citadels: none
Forcefields: none
Dead Stick: 1

mail/message me ingame: Sonia Lane


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100 mil :hugs:

sorry, but no :slight_smile:


Daily Bump.

Daily Bump.

Easy to get a hole like this much cheaper. Hard to imagine you’re going to find a buyer with a price of 1.4bil

i don’t see anyone selling a C3/HS static wormhole on marketplace tho…
At least none with good to perfect PI.
And this is kinda what you want, when you are looking for a new home.

Also: this amount of isk you will easily make back within 1 week. So i don’t think that the price is way too high :slight_smile:

There was one for sale in april for 1.5bil and got sold.


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Then consider me corrected :slightly_smiling_face:

The PI is pure ■■■■ in this hole.

way to many temperate plants - for 1.4 you need an astrain the hole (fitted)

still available?

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