Wts c3 - ns

(Tupelom) #1

With astrahus, pocos but not mine.

If you are interested contact me ingame or here.

Fly safe

(Felicity Orti) #2

j code?

(Tupelom) #3


Fly safe

(Ptraci) #4

Hey that’s MY wormhole! j/k

(Tupelom) #5

No, it isn´t.

No other citadel or active pos in system.

I sold another wh before : WTS C3 with NS static

You can contact with “udou Rescan” ingame to verify it.

The offer still open

Fly safe

(Ijon-Tichy) #6

j/k means “Just Kidding”


(Tupelom) #7


(Tupelom) #8

Bump Bump

(system) #9

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