WTS C3 (Null static) SOLD

Has only two dead sticks, no activity for over a month. Ideal for a PI setup and moon mining (27 moons). System J120124

Price 250 mill only!

150mil ill pay …

Send me the ISK and ill bookmark it for the character sending the ISK via pathfinder https://www.pathfinder-w.space

in game chat ? im online atm

Yeah one moment ill log


i am online now

Check your mail, I scanned it out completly earlier this evening

yep, but the one with LS static … i need NS:)

Read the entire ingame mail, the C3/LS has a sig NCD, which is the WH

NCD was leading in LS …

i have scanned all sigs in J131757 and none of them was leading in c3.

I think you made a mistake, because I scanned everything out last night, look: http://prntscr.com/lr4d4p and http://prntscr.com/lr4djr (both in the chain where above 4 hours lifetime)

But no worries, my alt is still inside and tonight i’ll scan it out for you again.

Scanned it out again and send you an ingame mail

Above person found another wormhole in the process. Wormhole is for sale again.

Hello, it’s the wormhole still available?

Yes, the buyer found a another wormhole in the process, so its for sale again.

ok, consider it sold, how can I contact you in game?

You can send the deposit to this character ingame, i’ll then scan it out untill you are in and I’ll return the information to the character sending the isk via ingame mail

I can’t find your toon in game, give me the name please.

k got you. I’ll write you from another toon.