[WTS] Wormhole C3 > Magnetar / LS & C3 > LS / Great PI

(Xhat WaySeeker) #1

C3 : J131304, Magnetar, 9 POCOs (6 owned at 100% tax by corp not resident) , 5 dead sticks, LS static.

C3 : J170002, No effect, 8 POCOs (6 at 2% and 2 at 10% by inactive non-resident corp), fully empty, LS Static. Great PI (T4).

Contact me IG on EUTZ.


(NorCal SewerRat) #2

I’m USTZ, but I’m interested in the c3 vanilla with LS static

(Rage Hacker) #3

intersted in J170002, what price are you looking for?

(Krytan Reborn) #4

is J131304 still for sale?

(system) #5

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