Wts two many C3 WORMHOLE ,1bill price only(other c4 are sold)

(KutsalSehirJita caldari) #1

no effect c3 wh:: J155541 is have an active enemy pos,no any citadel,you can check all from
https://zkillboard.com/system/31001060/ , http://wh.pizza.moe/J155541 , price is only 1billion.

magnetar c3 wh:: J223601 is havent active pos(pos offline and dont have any battery,weapon,force field))(no any citadel),you can check all from https://zkillboard.com/system/31001185/ , http://wh.pizza.moe/J223601. price is 2billion.

C4 wh:: (SOLD)

u can check details or u can ask with to send a mail,gl hf.

(The Voice) #23

If you need a broker let me know, [Service] Third Party Wormhole Broker

(matthus loch) #45

Ill give you 50mil for both of them. Best deal you gonna get buddy.

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(KutsalSehirJita caldari) #56


(KutsalSehirJita caldari) #59


(Becca Feyd) #69

Hello I am interested in the Class 3. I will pay your asking price.

(moin) #70

better search yourself lots of c3 are free and noone its in there

(KutsalSehirJita caldari) #71

i did answer from eve mail see u in game for deal,gl hf.

(KutsalSehirJita caldari) #73


(KutsalSehirJita caldari) #79


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(Becca Feyd) #80

Awesome guy to do business with. Honorable and trustworthy. Pleasure doing business with you Kutsal.

(KutsalSehirJita caldari) #81

ty for deal c3 , u are good people i think,u can call me if u need a fleet :d

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(Scout Meza) #94

If J223601 is still for sale I am interested. Sent you a mail on game.

(KutsalSehirJita caldari) #96


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(KiloAlpha) #110

Iā€™m looking for an empty c3