[WTS] C3 static to low - some dead sticks - no citadel - wolf rayet - 400M


(DontCryAndPlay Keikira) #1

C3 Wormhole:

Effect: Wolf Rayet
+58% Armor Hit Points
-29% Shield Resistances
+116% Small Weapon Damage
-29% Signature Radius

Static: U210 (LowSec)


Some dead sticks
No citadel
3 Planets
29 Moons
Average PI (3 x T3 components)
21 Signatures
11 Anomalies (combats & ores)


1 x Storm
1 x Gas
1 x Ice

Price: 400M

All transactions will be made through trusted broker or full money transfer up front.

Contact me ingame chat or evemail.

(DontCryAndPlay Keikira) #2

Still for sale.

(DontCryAndPlay Keikira) #3

Still for sale.

(DontCryAndPlay Keikira) #4

Still for sale duds.

(DontCryAndPlay Keikira) #5

Still for sale. Price now reduced.

(system) #6

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