[WTS] C3 static to low - some dead sticks - no citadel - wolf rayet - 400M

C3 Wormhole:

Effect: Wolf Rayet
+58% Armor Hit Points
-29% Shield Resistances
+116% Small Weapon Damage
-29% Signature Radius

Static: U210 (LowSec)


Some dead sticks
No citadel
3 Planets
29 Moons
Average PI (3 x T3 components)
21 Signatures
11 Anomalies (combats & ores)


1 x Storm
1 x Gas
1 x Ice

Price: 400M

All transactions will be made through trusted broker or full money transfer up front.

Contact me ingame chat or evemail.

Still for sale.

Still for sale.

Still for sale duds.

Still for sale. Price now reduced.

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