WTS C3 WH with static highsec PI heaven

(DiewildeHilde) #1

WTS perfect PI wormhole: J113347


It comes with a Astrahus and a D845 HS Static. All 13 Pocos not ours but maby you can buy them from the owner.

Price for the fitted Astra is 1.5b
Price for the wh: best offer

If you need further information plz mail or contact me ingame.

(JonL) #2

Interested. Send me a mail if still available!

(jasondamien Severasse) #3

pm’d in game…

(DiewildeHilde) #4

The wh is still for sale.

(DiewildeHilde) #5

Hi, the wh ist still for sale.

(Sai Sett) #6

Is this still available?

(system) #7

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