WTS C4-2-3 Wolf Rayet

Greetings I am looking to sell this C4-2-3 Wolf Rayet that has 2 structures in it, the POCO’s are not included in the price for they are from an old corp that lived in here, but their taxes are set 0% for everyone so no need to even replace them.

Athanor Upwell Quantum Core
Raitaru Upwell Quantum Core
Standup M-Set ME Research Accelerator I
Standup M-Set ME Research Cost Optimization I
Standup Cloning Center I

3 Bil OBO and it’s all yours which I find this a very reasonable price!

Only serious inquires who are interested please. Just send me a mail in game and I can get with you and we can fleet up and give you a tour!

Would also be willing to trade for a freighter or Orca. Own your own wormhole home now without the hassle of waiting to anchor and defend it!

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