WTS C4-C4\C5 Wormhole

C4-C4\C5 No effect, completely clean with no structures at all.
Planets: Barren, Plasma, Oceanic, 2xStorm, 5xGas, Ice.
Combat sites approx 1.5b in value currently.

250m For Signatures id’s to scan in from k-space, or warp-ins if im avail.
250m After inspection by buyer.
Total 500m
No Refund.

Ingame mail or convo please.


Have used LanZin’s services in the past. Definitely recommend! Free bump :slight_smile:

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Im ending this thread since im opening a new thread with more WH’s gathered in one thread.
I will use a more suitable character for this named Arnulf Wesen.

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