WTS C5-5 RG, Fort + dreads and other assets

Selling a C5-5 RG, rigged Fortizar and Astrahus

There’s 2 nags, 1 rolling thanatos, and BS/Yacht/Hic for rolling, aswell as some other ships subcaps if you want them, the hole is ready to krab.

With 2 dreads in this hole you’ll reliably 2 cycle every site

Fortizar is about 19b
Ammo, fuel, modules is about 2b
Ships are about 7.9b estimate before fittings
Total for everything 30b ish

Willing to sell without ships/assets

Leave a reply here or mail me ingame

Still for sale

Still for sale

Still for sale, moved the nags and most of the assets out, still rolling ships and such in the hole.

how much?


Closed via polite request by OP.