WTS C5-C5 Magnetar with Astrahus (Perfect for Farming)

I’m looking to sell my C5 farmhole as I’m taking a break from the game (not due to blackout, I thoroughly enjoyed that). It’s a Magnetar which means shield bonus’s so rattles can run garrisons in 20 minutes and dreads will do the same+drifter in less. J-Code is J103251. I’m looking to get 2.5B due to the structure provided and the rarity of Magnetars but we can talk. I might even be willing to share some fits and help you get setup with subcaps/dreads if you want. System also has 49 moons and POCO’s are all provided if you’re into that sort of thing. Post here or hit me up ingame! I’m usually on USTZ.

still for sale

Still for sale

how much you looking? mail me

the problem is he said “Magnetar which means shield bonus”, you just scammed by yourself

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