WTS Cap Bpos

Here is a list of cap Bpos for sale.

Rorqual x2 9/16 Price 4.5B
Orca 10/16 Price 4.5B
Thanatos 9/16 Price 2.2B
Archon 9/16 Price 1.7B
Nidhoggur 9/16 Price 2.3B Sold
Obelisk 9/16 Price 4.2B
Bowhead 9/16 Price 3.4B
Ninazu 9/16 Price 2.3B SOLD
Minokawa 9/16 Price 1.7B
Lif 8/16 Price 1.7B
Apostle 9/16 Price 1.5B SOLD
Revelation 9/16 Price 4b
Naglfar 9/16 Price 3.3B SOLD

https://evepraisal.com/a/s2gke here is a list of lots more for sale. all researched

Mail me or type here <3


I will buy the Nidhoggur 9/16.


Accepted, thanks!

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Thanks for the sale. Up we go.

Contract Ninazu, Naglfar, and Apostle BPO’s to this toon please sir Should be 7.1B contract =)

Contract made. glgl . Up we go.

Up we go.

still Lots of cool ■■■■ for sale.

New day new me. Letssgooo

New day new me. Letssgooo

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