WTS - Capital and Supercapital Pilot with well rounded Sub-Cap Skills 100m SP

Born in 2016.
Can fly Amarr Dread, Carrier, FAX and Super Carrier.
Can fly Caldari Dread.
Can fly
Very high mastery levels in many ships.
Can fly Paladin, Revelation, Archon, Aeon.
Blackops skills too.
2 Available Remaps.
No kill rights.
in NPC corp.

Ready to PVP and PVE.

Has the following notable skins:
Revelation - Sarum
Phoenix - Vitalshift Ego
Gila - Versus Blueforce
Redeemer - Cold Iron
Omen - Hunters Quiver

150b Buyout.

50B offered

55Bil offer

Sure I’ll take 55b. SOLD

Send an eve mail with the account for transfer to and the ISK and will start the transfer :slight_smile:

If this falls through, I’ll take it for 55b.

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i can’t see his skills

Feel free to do the same, if you get the mail to me first it’s yours :slight_smile:

mail sent, let me know how you want to proceed

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Replied and chat requested.

And sold.


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