[WTS] Capital BPC's jita 4-4 CNAP [STORE]

Orders by eve-mail to “Dj Urri”
Delivery location: Jita 4-4 CNAP

Instead of updating in my spreadsheet and here ill just list to the spreadsheet for stock and price

Stock Google docs

Buy it all option = 20% off
Purchase over 1 bill = 5% off
Purchase over 5 bill = 10% off

Please leave a comment if you purchase bpc’s

My old thread
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for black friday 5% EXTRA off, send mail with your order and topic = “Black friday deal” valid until 1’st december

i want
Armor Plates 35
Capacitor Battery 35
Doomsdat weapon 26
Clone Vat Bay 26
Computer System 27
Construction parts 38
Corporate Hangar bay 41
Drone Bay 45
Jump Dirve 41
Power Geneartor 27
Propulsion Engine 15
Sensor Cluster 15
Shield Emitter 10
Ship Maintenance Bay 41
turret Hardpoint 15
Jump birdge 20
if you can sell me them by 3B,i will buy them in jita

I will by 5 BPC off all these. 552 mil.
5 Capital Armor Plates
5 Capital Capacitor Battery
5 Capital Cargo Bay
5 Capital Clone Vat Bay
5 Capital Computer System
5 Capital Construction Parts
5 Capital Corporate Hangar Bay
5 Capital Drone Bay
5 Capital Jump Bridge Array
5 Capital Jump Drive
5 Capital Power Generator
5 Capital Propulsion Engine
5 Capital Sensor Cluster
5 Capital Shield Emitter
5 Capital Ship Maintenance Bay

Lily Bukandara and Scarr Dallocort contracts made :slight_smile: (and stock updated)

thx :slight_smile:

I get new bpc’s regularly just fyi :slight_smile:

ill take 35 drone bay

contract up :slight_smile:

stock updated

its been 2 days. I no longer need them

ok sorry about that =/ ill try to be quicker next time

Stock is still up to date. Will get more bpc’s soon.

still going

still got plenty of bpc’s and more incoming every other week or so

Can I get 15 drone bay, 5 Corp, 5 jump and 2 ship maint

contract up

thank you!

Great service

price and stock updated

still active :slight_smile:

still got lots of bpc’s to sell

more bpc’s coming tomorrow :slight_smile: