[WTS] Capital, T2 Equipment and Station BPC

It’s my 3-year cake day today!

You need bulk? Contact me via Eve mail or discord

Nee stock in set intervals, contact me

To the top

Replenish your stock after the war
Plenty available

Service still live!

Still a lot available, contact me for orders

Phoenix and Revelation BPC currently sold out, still some Moros and Naglfar BPC available

New stock now in Jita

Please contact me for stock updates

Still active and selling those blueprint copies.
Sold some big packs but still have plenty of stock left

Still here, selling lots of BPC, ask me any questions on BPC that you need

Stockpiles of BPC, up for grabs, contact me

Do you have any researched moon mining laser bpc

Yes T1 and T2
Let me know which one you need

What’s the me/te and price for T1 moon mining laser? Looking for around 20 runs

I have Eve-mailed you

Still around to sell you BPC
You can also contact me for several Navy BPC

Still in business

Still in business