WTS Character 40m SP

WTS Character 40m SP.
Good drones and navigation, a bit subcap, carrier was planned
Eve Skillboard Walter_de’la’Mare

Sale CCP rules
No kill rights
Positive wallet and SS
Located Jita 4-4

Waiting for your offers here

Walter de’la’Mare 21B

25 bil b/o

25.5 bil b/o

26 bill

Thank’s for your bids, anyone 27bil and we deal? Thx

27b,If possible, provide the collection account number

accept 27b, waiting isk and account info ingame mail

When I go back to send isk to your character in an hour

Isk and mail receive, transfer start. Thanks you and fly safe

Character Name: Walter de’la’Mare
Will be completed after: 12/15/2021 7:50:56 PM

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