WTS character with over 2800 seeded Citadels in HS used to loot Abandoned POS

I want to sell character I used to seed Citadels to get an email about low power on it and then waiting for abandoned status to bash/loot them.
I was seeding them for few months this year in all HS regions while in the last september I reseeded Caldari, Minmatar and Gallente regions to get intel about new targets in systems.
It is an alpha account with 3,5mln SP on it and 1mln free SP to spend.

Total I seeded over 4000 citadels so far. 1700 of them was destroyed, unanchored or fueled up so now my assets contains over 2800 potential targets in HS. Those are 4 pages of 113 total of them. There is 25 stations on every page. You can check scrolling bar on the right of each page to get a better picture how many of them there is in my assets.

Two more photos to show you how many emails (potential targets) you can get per day. This is bottom of the mailbox in the Structures folder. Check how many pages is on this screen and try to multiple by the numer of pages using right scroll bar.
And this is the top from today.

In the past 8 months I earnt on that content over 420b isk. This is a screen from today from my bank character where I was sending money from all trade toons who were selling looted items and ships.

I’m selling this toon because I’m quite exhausted. This content is taking too much time for me to prepare it all by myself: flying a scout alts to every target from an email about Low Power, then after few days moving toons to loot + orca character to haul on exact timer. And all of that day after day, sometimes few times per day in different regions.

Those are over 80 best photos from loot I get so you can better view what you can get as reward for all that effort you put in.

I don’t know what price to ask for it because it isn’t measurable, so if someone of you want to try this content and earn tons of isk in no pvp way in HS now is your chance :wink:

To maximize your income you will need a fleet of omega alt toons to loot hangar containers and few Orca toons (best way is to have one in every of 4 main factions space). Of course I can provide you with nice tips and knowledge about logistics, mechanics, looting, main players/Alliance in this content etc).

Location: Bania
wallet: 1,7mln ISK
killrights: none
jump clone location: none

all that, and you didn’t post what was actually needed per the rules…

location, wallet, killrights, jump clone location including the skillboard for this character.

Thank you for that info. I updated post.
Anythinig else is missing? I should add something more to prevent the rules of posting in this section?

you’re good

3b i guess?

Worth of this character isn’t based on it SP but on assets and future easy profit from it.

assets aren’t sold with the character.

  1. Items cannot be listed among the character’s valuable assets, only skills, implants, SKINs, and reputation. You are buying/selling the character ONLY and nothing else. Ships and items can be readily bought or sold on the market for ISK.

and there goes the value lmao


Well… that was quick :slight_smile:

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