WTS Chemosh and Loggerhead

Hey there, I’d like to sell a Chemosh and a Loggerhead.

Offer on the Chemosh starts at 60, Loggerhead at 40.

Bid away!

41 for logger and 61 for chemosh

50 for logger

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62 chemosh

@Market_Barbarian I’ll accept that offer as soon as is gets out the oven 5d 12h from now.
Located in Otsasai

The Chemosh will likely sell higher. Sold my last one just today at 80b

Next one will be out the cooker in 4d 20h (haha, the funny number.)

Hate to be that guy, but I’ll have to retract my offer for the time being and look for a BPC instead. That might change again over the next 5 days but I want to give a heads up.


my 41 bil real offer still stands

Bump, almost out the oven

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