WTS Chemosh & Caiman Hulls

The hulls are in Domain space for 40B each (not negotiable)

ok, i pay 40b for chemosh

I’ll contact you ig in the next few hours, same name ?

i can’t agree more

I will buy Caiman

Alright, I will contact you later today.
Same ig name?


I’ll take second on both of these if they are available.

when we can make a deal? i agree with you and i pay 40b for chemosh, and you can make contract with me :slight_smile:

Well… I’ll try today.
Very busy at work on this end of year

ill offer you 42 bil for the caiman if you have it still

Gents, I tried to help an ally mate to sell his hulls but he slacking.
I feel bad for loosing your time.

He’s aware of this post, he will contact you if he still sell his hulls, Im out of this ■■■■.

ty for the update

Still for sell?

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