WTS [Cleanout] Azbels, Ships, T2 Prints and more

Hi Guys, wts some Stuff to clean my Hangars. Maybe anyone can use that :wink:
All Stuff located in Jita.

2 x Azbel Hull = 4,3B each

1 x Barghest [Rigged with Large Ionic Field Projector II, Semiconducter Cell I +II) = 880 Mil
1 x Rattlesnake [ Rigged with 2x Large Core Field Extender II, Bayloading Accel I] = 560 Mil
1 x Orthrus = 220 Mil
1 x Falcon [Full ECM PVP Fitted T2 with T2 Rig] = 350 Mil

1x Drake Blueprint 10/20 = 720 Mil
Many T2 Ship Prints -> T2 Shipprint Collection [Copys]
136 x Warrior II Blueprint 10/20 10 Run = 500K/ 10Run Print
168 x Hobgoblin II Blueprint 10/20 10 Run = 500K/ 10Run Print

If u need something, please PN me ans i create the contract!

Best regards and fly safe!

still for sale

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