WTS 4/4 - 8 Run T2 Battleship BPC [On Public Contract]

As per title Sane amount of T2 Battle Ship BPC

7x Golem - 550m
6x Kronos - 345m
7x Paladin - 550m
7x Panther - 450m
9x Redeemer - 585m
5x Sin - 375m
9x Vargur - 500m
10x Widow - 800m
Buy All for 4b

T2 BPO copies
76x 9/16 Ishkur - 340m
20x 10/10 Taranis - 90m
Buy All for 325m

3/2 - 4 Run copies
39x Hound - 275m
21x Nemesis - 135m
20x Purifier - 130m
Buy All for 480m

If you have any invention queries, contact me

Pick up these prints for a competitive price

As I will be less available for the next week, these are now up on public contract, for slightly reduced prices.

Enjoying my time off, but enough internet to bump this thread.

Please remember, they are out on public contract in Jita

Back home, it was a wonderful time.
Open ot offers on this nice set of prints

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