[SOLD] T2 Ship BPC

Oh no, not this guy again, yes this guy again with new stuff for you.

All Frigate prints are 6,5m a piece they are all ME3/TE2 - 4 Runs
Buy 10 or more? 6m per print.

Covert Ops
30x Anathema
20x Cheetah
30x Helios

35x Hound
35x Nemisis
30x Purifier

35x Eris
20x Flycatcher
45x Heretic
40x Sabre

30x Ares
30x Claw
30x Stiletto
30x Taranis

Assault Frig
20x Harpy
15x Hawk
30x Enyo
40x Ishkur
20x Jaguar
35x Wolf
20x Retribution
15x Vengance

Expedition Frigates
30x Endurance
20x Prospect

Exhumers 3/2 - 4 Runs
55x Hulk - 20m
25x Mackinaw - 15m
20x Skiff - 10m

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location of prints please im looking to get all the exhumers industrial and covert ops blue print copies please i calculated it to 2.305bill isk check that on me if its in jita we good sending mail in game too dunno if youre a forum or game guy message me in game or here ill check both or contract me Almog Levy in game

Hi Almog,

Thanks for your contacting me.

Yes all is in Jita, I will set the contract later today.

Kind Regards,

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Your contract is up!

You did forget to calculate your Bulk discount. Your contract is up for 2,15b

Thanks for stopping by, If you need Custom Orders, please contact me!

Kind Regards

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i accepted the contract after counting everything i would also like the buyout the industrial section you have which are expedition ships of prospect and endurance message me or contract again almog levy

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Setting up your contracts now, and let me help with the counting issue for you.

I have set the contract per type, this should make it easier for you.

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thanks i accepted both contracts

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You want something invented, but not here? Please let me know, we can work something out

Find more on Public Contracts, you can find us as BPC R Ush II

Great weekend to do your shopping for these fine prints

Fighter invention started, will have some new stuff to add soon. Please inquire for pre-order.

Rebuilding covert ops, exhumers and Expedition Frigates stocks.

Limited availability this weekend, please get your orders in, in time

i would like to buy all the rest please send contract and quote on all plz

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I have Setup all the contracts per hull so it should be easy to count.

Put up 1 contract for 1 million as a bonus/discount.

Thanks for buying! I will be spending some time to rebuild my stocks. When I did, I will contact you first.

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sounds good thanks i accepted all contracts i had been given

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