[SOLD] Stock sale - T2 BPC - Discounts for bulk

T2 Cruiser - 3/2-4 Run BPC 10m/p
10x Cerberus - 100m
10x Eagle - 100m
10x Ishtar - 100m
10x Munnin - 100m
20x Sacrilige - 200m
15x Vagabond - 150m
10x Zealot 100m
Total 850m

T2 Frig BPC - 3/2-4 Run BPC 8m/p
10x Anathema
10x Buzzard
10x Cheeta
20x Enyo
20x Harpy
20x Hawk
19x Hound
20x Ishkur
20x Jaguar
10x Manticores
27x Purifier
20x Retribution
20x Vengeance
20x Wolf

246 prints - Total 1.968b

T2 Drone BPC - 2/4-10 run or better -2,5m/p
62x Acolyte II
13x Hammerhead II
16x Hobgoblin II
13x Hornet II
12x Infiltrator II
14x Vespa II
30x Drone Damage Amp II
37x Drone Navigation Comp II
9x Ice Havesting Drone II
13x Mining Drone II

219 Prints - Total 547,5m
buy all and get 6runs of ‘Augmented’ Ice Harvesting drone for free

T2 Items - 2,5m per print (10/20!- 10 runs)
180x Heavy Beam Laser II
353x Dual 150mm Railgun II
354x Medium Armor Repairer II
181x Miner II

1068 prints - Total 2,67b

5.9B for the whole lot.

Sounds like a deal!
Will be setting contract as soon as possible

I made a counting mistake with the Drone damage amps, they are 7 instead of 37. I took a 100m off for my mistake.

Contract up for 5,8

I will settle it shortly.

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