T2 BPC - Big Sale! Original copies and invented

Feel free to contact me on discord #q.rush

WTS T2bpO copies

Ammo’s (10 Runs)
20x 10/20 Barrage M - 50m
20x 10/20 Hail M - 60m

Ships (1 Run)
95x 10/16 Eos - 850m
67x 8/14 Deimos - 350m
20x 10/18 Eris - 80m
68x 10/16 Bustard - 700m
44x 7/16 Impel - 400m
10x 10/16 Anathema - 30m
15x 9/16 Cheeta - 45m
10x 9/16 Hawk - 30m
121x 9/16 Ishkur - 300m
50x 10/10 Taranis - 150m

Items (10 Runs)
200x 10/20 1mn Afterburner II - 400m
200x Dual light Pulse Laser II - 500m

Invented copies

3/2 - 4 runs
11x Cerberus - 110m
7x Curse - 80m
20x Deimos - 250m
5x Guardian - 50m

20x Ishtar - 200m
19x Sacrilege - 190m
21x Zealot - 200m

10x Buzzard - 60m
12x Deacon - 70m
20x Enyo - 120m
23x Harpy - 140m
33x Hawk - 200m
20x Ishkur - 120m
20x Jaguar - 120m
10x Manticore - 60m
35x Retribution - 210m
64x Vengeance - 380m
20x Wolf - 120m

Buy all ships for 2,6b

T2 Bubble BPC
45x (5/10 - 10 Runs) Large Bubble II - 1,6b
258x Small Bubble II - 1,6b

Buy all bubble BPC for 3b

T2 Item BPC 2/4 - 10 Runs
33x Cargo Scanner II - 82,5m
26x Data Analyzer II - 65m
30x Relic Analyzer II - 75m
23x Gas Cloud Harvester II - 80,5m
153x expanded Cargo Hold II - 382,5m
65x Nanofiber II - 162,5m
24x Gas Cloud Scoop II - 84m
24x Ice Harvester Upgrade II - 60m
22x Mining Laser II - 55m
217x Missle Guidance Enhancer II - 540m
42x 500mn Microwarpdrive II - 147m
80x 50mn Microwarpdrive II - 200m
93x 5mn Microwarpdrive II - 232,5m
16x Sensor Booster II - 40m
21x Survey Scanner II - 52,5m
30x Small Tractor Beam II - 105m
70x Multispectrum Shield Hardener II - 175m
28x Ice Harvester II - 98m
24x Modulated Strip Miner II - 60m

Buy all items for 2,6b

T1 Prints
20x 10/20 Charon - 500m
19x 10/20 Providence - 400m

Bump to the top

Start your T2 industry empire

Lots of T2 waiting to be build from these prints

Due to an upcoming vacation, all invented BPC and more are on Public contract in packs.

Please find “BPC R Ush II” as the issuer of these and grab yours.

Contract me the Eris and Hawks (non invented) please - cheers.

Contract up!

OP updated, some sold, new added

Vacation time!
Please find these BPC in packs on public contracts

Vacation Bump

Back from vacation and still selling lots of the above, contact me if you have any questions about the listings


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