Asking 10B for 20B+ worth of T2 BPCS (mostly ships) many runs, much ME, very TE

Price would be around 15B if they were ME0, TE0. But they are mostly around ME8 and TE14.

Buy them all for 10B, sell for 100% profit or manufacture them.

Located in Jita 4-4.

Total runs:

48x Absolution
13x Anathema
13x Ark
123x Curse
16x Damnation
29x Golem
74x Guardian
3x Nighthawk
12x Nomad
34x Paladin
42x Pilgrim
79x Purifier
42x Redeemer
6x Rook
20x Sacrliege
48x Zealot

200x Data Analyzer II
1900x Heat Sink II
2x Large Energy Locus Coordinator II
590x Mega Pulse Laser II
140x Relic Analyzer II
3 x True Sansha Medium Beam Laser Battery
2000x Veldspar Mining Crystal II


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