WTS Compressed Null Sec Ores

Looking to find someone/s that nee large amounts of compressed ores on a weekly / monthly basis.

Price is going to determined by estimated volume. Can deliver anywhere in HS.

Get in touch in game.


i am interested, send me a mail when your available, have some questions about service and delivery

Will be contacting you when servers are back up.


Have large amount of all NS ores available to be delivered anywhere in HS.

Can do deeper discounts if larger volumes are purchased.

Get in touch and let me know

Hi, mail me with all the quantity you have.


please mail me what you got an what you want for it.



Please contact me in game. I’ll be your long term buyer if you can produce enough to satisfy my ore desire. Tens upon tens of billions needed every week.


Josh Shihari check your mail pls

do you guys disappear?
check mail please - Bo Erata

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