WTS Cybele/Shapash

no solid prices for now, offers please. Ships located in Jita

also first :*)

Well they are worse than the Bestla/Geri


100 Shapash

160 Cybele

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Have they released the final stats yet?

You can find them in today’s wrap-up post

Selling any skins?

These prices seem sensible and I would bid at these prices

Public Contract up for Shapash @ 30k PLEX

Soooo 10b less than I bid at even generous PLEX prices?

filled (:

Thank you

u want cybele?

would you give me one for 30k plex too?

shapash? cause thats what he wanted

ahh you know something, I am retarded. No I do not want a Shapash for 30k plex haha

I’ll take a cybele for 30k plex

if someone sells a cybele for 30k plex they gotta be high as ■■■■

No thank you, but I’ll take another Shapash if you have any more. There is another public contract up @ 30k PLEX.

You uhh, you know they are not good right?

Cybele 200b isk on hand. Contract to Astrocytoma feel free to message me on discord also at theonlyastrocytoma if youd like to discuss

I too will buy a Cybele