WTS Cybele and Shapash

WTS ATXIX Prize Ships
Cybele - 250b NONE LEFT
Shapash - 140b NONE LEFT

Thank you all for the interest. See y’all next year.


I have offered this to all sellers I will accept the first person to contract to me

ill take a shapash

110 bil for shapash …if any1 wants to sell me contract to me


210b for the cybele

110b for frig, isk ready, contract to me.

Gonna comment this in all Cybele sell ads

The ship is NOT worse than the bestla, you can kill people at 100+km if you have skirmish links and a rolled warp disruptor. You also match speed with interceptors if you run snakes (you should) so its nearly impossible to get tackled unless your special and get MJD dunked or get in Huginn web range.

Don’t let the lowballers fool you this ship is valuable, it looks nice for station sitters and its a viable pvp boat.

Awee wee woo waa!

There are also 140 of them!

115B offer for the Frig.

Go look at the inflation that has occurred in EVE, specifically PLEX price, since the Laelaps was released. By the way Laelaps are selling at 400b+, and the Cybele is faster and has farther tackle range.

Thanks for the bump, enjoy the tinfoil hat!

Ill take them off your hands for more than the initial release price. 200b each if youre interested ill accept within 24hrs

My reply was for you btw. Down with inflation scammers! Lets not stoop to these big wigs level. Trying to manipulate prices, is distasteful! HOLD THE LINE! sell to me your laelaps 200b each

WTT 1 Laelaps per 3 Cybeles :wink:

Only one Shapash left! Thank you all for the interest.

212B Offer contract to me in game if you wish to accept offer, cheers!

No more Shapash left for sale. Please DM or EVE mail me if interested in buying a Cybele for 250b.


selling cybele 275b jita 4-4 location

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