WTS Cybele

Located in Jita 4-4

150 B offer

Looking for more, ty for the offer


:scream: :persevere:


I would like to purchase one for 165

Current offer is 170

Looking for more, ty.

180B offer

Current best offer is 190, ty for the bump

205 offer

Gonna comment this in all Cybele sell ads

The ship is NOT worse than the bestla, you can kill people at 100+km if you have skirmish links and a rolled warp disruptor. You also match speed with interceptors if you run snakes (you should) so its nearly impossible to get tackled unless your special and get MJD dunked or get in Huginn web range.

Don’t let the lowballers fool you this ship is valuable, it looks nice for station sitters and its a viable pvp boat.

Apparently informing people is spam so hopefully this line of text fixes that!

what are you gonna do win one and lower the price?

i will buy all your cybeles at 180b, dude, contract them over!

With current drugs huginn heated linked web range is 142km.

So good luck

207B Offer contract to me in game if you wish to accept offer, cheers!

220b offer

Offering 225b.

240, is this still for sale?

contract me for 250B plz