WTS Cybele - SOLD

Located in Jita

Buyout 260 250 B

Looking for offers. Feel free to reply here on send an in-game mail

230b offer

Thanks for the offer. Looking for 252 B or near

240b will return in 8 hours to check

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Looking for more.
But I’m kinda in a hurry to sell, so need it gone within the day.
I guess it’s yours if no one outbids you within 12 hours

Can do that right now

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Thank you for the bid but you haven’t outbid him. Are you offering 250 B, the current buyout for me?

If not, I would at least wait four hours for Garache to return and see as he said he would return within eight hours to check.

235 and I can pay it right now. Send it to Truly Unhinged Behaviour.

:rofl: Truly unhinged behavior indeed

Current offer is 240 B.

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Well if your 240 friend falls through I’ll be here.

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Offer closer to buyout met.

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