WTS - Cyno/Boost/Links/T2 Hauler - 28.5m Sp - Draugur Casino Skin

Hi all,

WTS THIS account, a cyno/covert cyno + boost/links + AND T2 HAULER + general pvp account WITH the Casino Draugur Skin already applied. Taking offers now!

Proof of skillpoints: Character Sheet
Wallet: Positive – 100m Isk
Kill Rights: No Kill Rights
Jump Clones: Low Grade Snake Set, Located in Jita VII – Moon 2 – Caldari Business Tribunal Law School
Location of Character: Jita IV – Moon 4 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Remaps: 2 Available

Set li k for see all skill etc thanks

Sure! Character Sheet

1st daily bump! Taking offers

Start you off at 15b

Need a few more details in your original post, Required ones are Jump Cloness, Kill Rights, Wallet Status, Current Location.
Strongly encouraged information is also Implants, and Remaps.


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Hi there, thank you for the interest, I have updated it with the information you requested!

Thank you for the offer, sir!



15.5 b/o

17 billions.

Getting much closer, again, thank you for the offer!

Thank you for your offer sir!


18B buyout offer

Hmm the stars are just right