WTS 2013 19.4mil SP - Gallente T2 Frigs/Bomber/Oneiros/Arazu - Cyno/Cov Cyno

For sale myself Forreal00's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App
(updated 12-27-22) 375,500 Free SP.

2013 Born - No Kill rights - 0.0 Sec Status - 1-4 Basic Implants
Located in Villore 0.5
No Isk in wallet - random CCP gifts in assets throughout.
Arazu -Covert Cloak, Cyno 5 - Covert Cyno able
T2 Small blasters/rails
T2 Galente frigs + Stealth Bomber with torps and bombs
T2 Expedition Mining (Prospect) + cynos
Logi: Oneiros
Up to 5 planet PI
76 Skins
Buyout @ 18Bil

15b。 ooo

Thank you for offer.
Will aim to end auction by the 28th.


Bump :mechanical_arm:

Final bump - will be sold in 24hrs.

Hi - wrapping up the sale as no one else bid.
Send Isk REDACTED once received will send character transfer confirmation - let me know to who.

No Response from qing - Bumperinos.

10b bo

11b b/o

13b bo

Thanks to both - but too low.
Worth far more than my BO.

Fyi, isk is sent to the char being sold.

is it still for sale?

whats the present highest offer ?

Still for sale - Don’t have a current valid offer.

Not necessarily.

Per the rules yes

The character being sold must receive the ISK for the purchase and only ISK. Characters may not be sold in exchange for items

Thank you for the info.

13.5 bil