SOLD 100m SP PvP/ Miner/JF/Dread &Super Pilot 2013

So im available for sale as Ive too may and some now overlap.
100,058,550.000 SP

2013 Born Pilot, Skilled into many areas to Level 5 as you will see however heres a snapshot-

Dedicated JF and Freighter but also Miner, Indy, PVP and Super Pilot.
Can Fly a Rorq L4 with Panic 5,
Orca L4
Most Battleships, Frigates and Cruisers
Minmatar and Gallente Carriers.
Sleipnir and Claymore
Gallente Dread
T2 Exhumers,
Obelisk, Fenrir and Providence Freighters to L5,
Nomad and Anshar L5
Jump Drive Cal 5 Jump fuel Cons 5, Jump Drive Op. L5
Most T2 Indy ships and DST
Hel, NYX and Vendetta Supers .
Has augmentations in Amarr
Has 2 Bonus remaps available.

Usual Rules Apply-

Pilot has no Killrights
Positive ISK Balance
NPC Station currently
NPC Corp
No Negative Standings
Skill Training Paused
5 Clones Available
Some decent expensive skins on this toon also

I will pay Transfer fee and can be done asap
Im expecting a decent bid as I know what this is worth as do you… starting at 75B but would consider fair B/O

Bumerty bump

Hiya! I’d like to chat if you’re up for it.


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sure here or ingame?

thanks for bid :slight_smile:

85 b/o o7

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thanks for bid, looking for a little more :slight_smile:

85b best so far… anyone think its worth more?

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usmaximus2, looks like youre offer is the best one…

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Best offer still at 85b b/o any other takers before i sell?

b/o offer retracted. It was not a bid tho and therefor valid only for a period of time




Axel_Denton thanks for the bid, can you go a sqwidge more and its yours? o7
I can transfer right away and youll have it asap, if we agree

Considering it’s not 100% what I’m looking for and I need to spend some isk for LSIs, this is far I can get atm.