WTS 2013 19.4mil SP - Gallente T2 Frigs/Bomber/Oneiros/Arazu - Cyno/Cov Cyno

No thank you - below my starting, way below my buyout.

Bump - still for sale. Free SP going up.

14B , i offer

Late reply VueJs - 16B and it’s yours.

How about 15B? I think you also accepted the previous offer.

Kinda pains me - but deal.
Can send isk and recipient and I’ll start the transfer.

Replying direct - are we on for sale?

No response from VueJs in last 24hrs - back on sale.

I Am Still For Sale - Bump.


Done - send isk and recipient to start transfer.

Duck - please confirm?

No reply again - so back on sale.

Give yourself a nice gift - ME!
Still up.

Bump - Still collecting login rewards.
Alot of skins and SP.

Bump - as above.

Bump to the top!

Updated SP and Free SP - Skin Count -
Back to the Top!

For Sale - Great starter for half the SP price!

15 bil?