WTS Dagon BPC 27.5b

Jita 4-4
Price 27.5b


To the tops


Will trade for 2x Nyx

Hmmm where and fits?

To the top

up up

With The FAX nerf being a thing I’ll offer 30bil

contract up.

Sorry think the contract messed up there, It showed nothing in the contract so I rejected it and it then showed up as having the BPC there. could ya try putting it up again XD

Still willing to buy if your selling

Contract up. sorry about that was pretty busy.

All good Thanks very much :grin:

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One more available
Daily Bump

to the top

ill take it for 27B

Price is 32.5b :ok_hand:

but fax are useless now :man_shrugging:

If you use Dagon as a Fax you don’t deserve one :rofl:

should i used it as a pan ?
anyway 1 cap booster is still a thing