:diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: WTS DAGON CLASS CAPACITOR NEUTRALIZER BPC :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds:

Prime condition, never used, located in Perimeter Keepstar
Some assembly required. Assistance with that can be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Ahhhhh… look at her. Isn’t she a beauty? What? Yes, those blood smears are intentional.
I mean, it does make her look a little dirty, but the important part i- wait, nonononono, I’m sorry my darling, I didn’t mea-

:diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: WTS LOGGERHEAD CLASS FORCE AXULLARY BLUEPRINT :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds:

Prime condition, never used, located in Perimeter Keepstar
Some assembly required, can possibly be arranged for an extra fee on a case-by-case basis.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the most tanky FAX in the game!
Just imagine your beautiful reflection in the eyes of your local krabs when you jump this baby in to save their shitty strong ratting carriers. Or the "gf"s echoing through empty WH locals when you end the fight with this. And now, take a deep breath, open your wallet, and make that dream a reality.

Let the offers begin!

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I will start you off at 55

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56 B offer

Thank you for your offers, keep it up and it might be yours.

For those who the Dagon is a little bit too much on the wallet, now also offering the Logger, a little easier to swallow.

I’ll start you with 95 B for both

Appreciate it, however current highest offer for both is 100b offered in private.
Still available for now, if someone wants to beat that or make a significant offer for one.

101 B offer

What’s the amount of the assembly fee?

I can inquire with my associates, which one are you interested in, and what would you be willing to pay for the BP?

Look I’d be interested in finished products and I’d pay for both provided the pricing wasn’t exorbitantly higher than the 110b B/O you’ve got for both the BPC’s in your listing

Just got word back from my industrialist of choice, he said manufacturing would be 9.4 for the Logger and 9.3 for the Dagon, 10 day assembly time, and I can deliver them in a central LS NPC station, or Amamake.
If that sounds reasonable to you, and you are willing to pay that on top of 110 for the blueprints, I’d be willing to seal the deal for that price.

So 18.7b for the build out and 110b for the blueprints? So how would this work exactly?

If you give the word, she will keep hers.

I have worked with her before and she always delivered exactly as agreed upon.

If you go through with this, you can always say “That’s what she said”

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I would propose a 50% downpayment (64.35b), I get the ships built, and on delivery we do the other half.

You can look at my sales history, with the kinds of assets I deal with, a satisfied customer that might refer me to his friends is worth more than 65b :wink:

If you are fine with the price, we’ll find a way to sort out the details. Do you have a Discord I can contact you on?

Your terms are reasonable. Are you willing to put up collateral against the 1/2 down?

Chas Ramidan#1605

Loggerhead sold, Dagon looking for a home, who wants it? :smiley:

Contract accepted. Pleasure.

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Bump, Dagon looking for a home, highest offer for just the Dagon I heard is still 56b, though a few people made offers for both, any of you want just the Dagon too ?

Another bump, do I hear a 57b offer?
@Riperd_Jacks in case nobody wants it more than you do, you’re still looking to buy, correct?

Urm… I don’t have that kind of ISK as I’m sitting on assets at the moment, so I don’t think my bid matters anymore. Sorry.