Wow, guys, have you seen that new Navy Phoenix?
Pretty sweet, isn’t it?
But what would be even more badass would be a

:diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: WTS KOMODO CLASS TITAN BLUEPRINT :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds:

Prime condition, never used, located in Perimeter Keepstar
Some assembly required

It is the one, the biggest, baddest Lizzard around. This baby would let your enemies freeze in awe IF they could see it, but with its patented Guristas camouflage coating, even you will have a hard time truly appreciating the scale(s) and beauty of this beast.
It hungers. It is waiting. For you. To unleash the beast.

Lets hear your offers!

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offer 150b

180B offer

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10b is the whole money i can offer

185b offer

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Alright, good stuff, good stuff.
At the moment we are at 185, do I hear a 190 from @Ulster_Assasin?

I’ll do 190

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195 offer

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195, wonderful, the price ladies and gentlemen is 195 thus far.
Do I hear a 200?
Going once, going twice, aaaaaaand…

going three times, SOLD, to the gentleman with the big wallet and love for exotic Titans.
Congrats, contract is waiting for you.

Accepted from the non-snake-oil-salesman!

Appreciate it!

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