:diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: WTS MOLOK CLASS TITAN BLUEPRINT :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds:

Prime condition, never used, located in Jita

This is not just a Titan, this is THE Titan!
The single biggest, baddest, and tankiest armor ship in the game.
Bragging rights included. Oh, and did I mention, it has a freakin’ corpse bay!
I know you want it, you know you want it, so now it’s just a question of making your dream your reality.

Let the bidding begin!

550b+ for a blueprint?

Thaaaaaats faction Titans for ya.
Most expensive normal blueprint.

200b was this bpc 6 month ago

201 bil

I’m sorry, you were saying?
I’ve sold more of these damn things than I can count, I think I got a pretty good grip on what the current values are, cosnidering selling these is my job in EVE.

So, free meme bumps are nice, but I’d prefer actual offers :smile:

i wasnt insulting you.
i have a close eye on this thread and wonder if u prove me wrong
best of luck!

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The last one sold before is 450B in the last month on the forum?

Why so expensive now……

Just a free bump~ good luck^_^

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You mean the one that got instantly bought, same day, for the buyout value?
That is usually what happens when people sell things under value.

But, alright, to bring in some details, there has been both a shadownerf to the droprates as well as some political changes, which have resulted in this being the first new blueprint on the market in 4 months.
This has led to a build-up of people looking to buy, that would’ve normally been taken care of in private channels.

Right now there are I would say about 10 people actively looking to buy one, some of which have already expressed interest in the upper 500s, but due to personal reasons need more time, thats how a BPC like this ends up on the forum, in case someone else wants to make a competative offer, or just pay the buyout.

Bump, Molok looking for a home :slight_smile:

300 B for the Blueprint or exchange with Tiamat

Yeah, no.
I’ll gladly sell it to you for a serious price.

I’ll take this is as my reminder to bump, still available and looking for a loving home

I’ll take that there Tiamat for 300

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Bump, still looking for a home.
Since the other interested parties are taking too long, adjusted the price -30b

How about 510B

To build this we need like more than 900 bil worth of mats if thats the case than this titan will cost 1.4 trillion isk . Insane lol .

Current build costs is about 250b in materials, I have someone willing to build it for that +15b, however this is only possible on a case-by-case basis due to the difficulties of delivery and downpayments with such an expensive piece.

But it is certainly not 900b :wink:

If you can make that 520, I’ll start a 24h countdown and then it’s your new crown jewel.
What do you say, do we have a deal?

450! Good for the next 3 years–

–not good for 3 years.

Until I hear back from Autaras, bump