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Wtb Molok bpc -320bil offer. Let me know by messaging here or in game

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Still looking, can be flexible about price

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Daily bump, flexible on price

Still looking to buy, isk ready for it

Still looking to buy, isk ready for it and can be flexible about price

Still looking for it, price negotiable

Hello good Sir, I regret to infrom you that your price assumptions are quite a bit off, however if you have the Isk required, you are very welcome to make an offer here

Thanks for the heads up, but I won’t go over 400 for it. Wish you luck though

I truly hope you find someone who wants to get rid of his that desperately, however

  • the last one was created over 4 months ago
  • the last 5 new ones were sold by/with me
  • I’ve had multiple people express their desire to buy north of 550

So overall, you’d be hoping for someone fireselling and not knowing what they are worth, for new ones, the price is not really trending downwards. Your price estimate would’ve been completely valid about half a year ago, and now we are here…

But, it’s up to you. If you wish to hope, best of luck o/

last b/o was a month ago at 450. I can wait ^^

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