WTS Dark Blood Capital Capacitor Booster 2.5B b/o

WTS Dark Blood Capital Capacitor Booster, they go for 3bil atm in Jita, but I’m willing to sell it for less to have some liquidity. Give me your offers!

2.5 bil B/O

2bill offer

Gonna see if there are more offers but I’m taking yours into consideration

Edited main post, forgot to add buyout. Sorry!

2.3bill offer

Ok so if there are no other offers when I log in at around 1600 eve time today I’ll contract it to you to this char

I’ve set up a contract

No worries will accept when I get home tonight (autz lol sorry)

Haha cool don’t worry!

will offer 2.4 if not done yet

Sold it but got another one I can contract

sounds good to me, please contract to this toon iedan, thanks ))

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