WTS Datacores: Amarrian / High Energy / Nanite / Laser Physics

All are located in Jita. In Stock:
Datacore - High Energy Physics x50.000 - 4.5b (x10.000 - 950m)
Datacore - Laser Physics x50.000 - 4.5b (x10.000 - 950m)
Datacore - Amarrian Starship Engineering x10.000 - 950mm
Datacore - Nanite Engineering x10.000 - 950m

I’ll buy them at 95% JB

Seller was very quick and fair

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How about 10k @ jita split https://janice.e-351.com/a/rcBVjQ

How about everything at 95% JB

Good luck finding someone who will sell datacores in bulk for the price of 95 JB :wink:

bump !

bump !

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