WTS Dedicated Amarr dread pilot 28.5m SP

Currently in lowsec
npc corp
positive wallet
no jump clones
no kill rights
Good name

Mid grade amulet set, with HG-1005.

27.7m SP with 750k unallocated SP. T2 siege and no wasted SP.

30B buyout

20B offer

22b offer

23B offer

Bump while i consider the offers available

24b ? Will need some time to get the isk together

I’ll think about it, I’ll probably have you an answer when I’m home from work tomorrow AUTZ

25B offer ready to go

it looks like it’s between you and @grimaxemorpher , lets see if he has a counter offer.

26b is my max

Ill see if @Cortez_Toralen has a counter offer

27B is what i can do

27.5b final offer

ok i see this char is for no poors


29B offer

If there is no bigger bid in 17 hours, it’s yours

So i guess we’ve come to an agreement here?

Just let me know if you still want to sell this toon.

Sorry, just got invited the morning I was going to sell it by a friend to engage in content which requires the toon. My apologies, you were literally 1 hour off buying it before it happened. Sorry for not messaging you sooner.