WTS Devoter HIC, focused character 7B

Devoter Pilot.

Streamlined and focused on 1 thing. 5.6 million SP.

Positive wallet, Basic +3 training implants, In Jita, NPC corp

4bil offer



5 bil



7B offer.

7b offer isk ready

7.5b offer

Forgot about this post. If you’re still interested. 7.5 B is good. Send account and ISK.

Bump. I’ll accept the first 7 bil offer. I’ll keep that tab open this time and try to check it once a day :smile:

7 b go !
sent isk and account name

ok, just woke up. gimme a bit

Send me the account name with the character that sent the isk please. And reply here after, so I can log on and check. thanks

check your wallet, in the transfer information - account name

done Apr 22, 2024 01:58 PM

happy hunting

I received the character, thank you!